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Customer Service Advocate/Certified CNA Featured

  2020-09-23     IMMEDIATE CARE OF OKLAHOMA     PO Box 720790 Norman  

Initial patient contact and comprehensive office support in an urgent care environment

Agree and Commit to:

  • Be prepared to share the Mission Statement and Motto of Immediate Care of Oklahoma in a manner that provides understanding of who we are, what we do, how we do it and your role therein

  • Adhere to all Policy and Procedures of Immediate Care of Oklahoma

  • Ascribe to and attempt to incorporate the principles of Character First in the performance of the following Tasks and Responsibilities

Tasks and Responsibilities: The following provides a broad based list that is not intended to by all inclusive. As with all ICO job descriptions, they are works in progress and adjusted as needed and based on workflow requirements, specific facility and staffing, as well as short-term projects requested by ICO Management.

  • Provide customer service by assisting individuals seeking medical attention and/or information or patients with the process of payment for services rendered

  • Assist patient with registration process; to include legible form completion and electronic posting of information

  • Obtain all required documentation and signatures for admission and authorization to treat

  • Maintain, assimilated and electronically record notations pertaining to the individual and their account (i.e. contact names, numbers and information relating to the reason for their visit and/or other pertinent notes that may affect the patients care, clinics responsibility, or billing and collection needs).Same requirements would be true if visit is Work Comp related

  • Verification of all information received during the process of registration

  • Post/scan all information into electronic medical records system in an efficient and timely manner

  • Know and/or be able to search for and promptly provide information on requirements of different types of insurance companies and plans with whom ICO is certified, including Work Comp.To further confirm the patients status with their insurance provider and the affect that information will have on the billing and collection process of ICO and/or their agents.

  • Verify insurance, including co-pay and deductible qualifications and amounts and real time validity status

  • Assist patients and Administration with billing and collection issues as required and/or assigned

  • Work directly with the medical staff (triage/Drug Screens depending on experience and certifications) to ensure continuity of care for all patients and their caregivers

  • Collect (cash, check or credit card funds) payments for co-pay, deductibles and payments on account

  • Work with the ICO Collections Dept. and patient to establish method for account payment

  • Fiduciary responsibilities include balance cash drawer, audit and balance Daily Day Sheet with cash, checks and credit card receipts and provide Coordinator (or designated representative) with monies that are prepared for daily deposits

  • Work with fellow staff to create a team approach total care environment

  • Demonstrate an attitude of flexibility and cooperation

  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn and teach with a desire to improve your personal skill sets and those of fellow staff with whom you are associated

At times the above duties and responsibilities may be modified to best or better accomplish the primary goal of ICO, exceptional patient care, medical and fiduciary. As a staff member and as a part of your job description you are agreeing to accept responsibility for completion of noted tasks as required or requested even when altered, expanded or enhanced with specifics directives given by your Clinic Coordinator or Medical Director.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Basic knowledge and operational skills of general office equipment

  • Intermediate to advanced computer skills (not programmer level)

  • Excellent people and relational skills

    • Customer Service

    • Interpersonal skills with healthcare team

    • Ability to respond to questions in a professional manner with poise and tact to include:

      • Verbal

      • Facial and body language

  • General ability to exert physical effort

    • Standing when patient enters

    • Lifting normal office items (copy paper, toner cartridges, etc.)

    • Walking from front of facility to back multiple times during a duty shift

    • Carrying normal office materials during those trips

  • Filing and information retrieval skills, both manual and electronic

  • Knowledge of and willingness to abide by established industry and Immediate Care of Oklahoma service standards

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must be a U.S. or naturalized citizen and be proficient in spoken and written English

  • High School diploma or general education degree (GED)

  • Work Experience one year preferred

  • Individual Character Traits of but not limited to:

    • Creativity

    • Loyalty/Dependability

    • Flexibility

    • Ability to excel in a fast-paced environment

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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